"What's Wrong with Ordinary?"

Donna Marie Merritt

Extent: 72 pages,
Size - 175 x 111 (6.875 x 4.25in)
Paperback - First Ed. Amer
First Published 2012
Suggested retail: $13.95

In the third volume of the Poetry for Tough Times series, Merritt revels in life, finding delight in the minutiae and myriad details that make for ordinary.

Mary Harwell Sayler: Poet; Author of Poetry: Taking Its Course; and creator of www.thepoetryeditor.com, says,  

"Donna Marie Merritt takes us through times of stress, worry, and everyday routines with honesty, insight, and humor. Each poem maintains a brisk pace and presents a lively marker that, like bits of daily bread, can help readers out of a dark wood into the light."

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